Stokes Interview and Questions

Stokes Interview Questions

What is a Stokes Interview?

Stokes Interview is a marriage based immigration interview. It is also known as the fraud marriage interview or the second marriage based immigration interview.

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Stokes Interview Documents

What kind of documents must be prepared for the Stokes Interview?

All of the necessary stokes interview documents are listed below. Depending on a case, additional documents may be required by the Immigration Officers.

Photo Identification of the Citizen Spouse (Petitioner),

Proof of Petitioner’s Citizenship,

Immigrant Spouse (Beneficiary)’s Passport,

Court disposition(s) if there are any,

Marriage Certificate,

Bank Accounts,

Rent receipts,

Insurance Policies,

Utility Bills,

Picture Albums,

Tax Returns,

Employment Letters and the last two pay stubs.

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Stokes Interview Questions

What are the Stokes Interview Questions?

Stokes interview questions are marriage based immigration questions. Immigration Officers seperate the couple and ask questions those can cover about the living environments, close relatives, hobbies, and workplaces.

We’ve prepared previously asked 244 different stokes interview questions. In order to retrieve the sample stokes interview questions, please read the privacy policy and also the terms and conditions sections of the website then click the links below.

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Stokes Interview Experiences

What happens after the Stokes Interview?

Usually, Immigration officers do not tell the result right away. They review all of the necessary documents and the recorded interview again. And then, they send out the result by mail within a couple of weeks.

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Stokes Interview Suggestions

What are the Stokes Interview Suggestions?

Depending on how well a couple answer all the directed questions, stokes interview process can take more than two hours. Couples will get thirsty by answering all the questions. Bringing a bottle of water into the interview room will be a good idea but during the interview, please do not stare nor play with the plastic bottle while answering all the directed questions.

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Stokes Interview Stories

What happens if a couple pass the Stokes Interview?

Immigrant spouse’s application for naturalization to the USCIS will be accepted. He/she will receive two years of conditional green card by mail.

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Stokes Interview Failed

What happens if a couple fail the Stokes Interview?

Immigrant spouse’s application for naturalization to the USCIS will be denied. Immigrant spouse could face deportation or voluntary departure from the country depends on the severity of the case. If one or more Immigration Officers agree that the couple got married for immigration purposes, immigrant spouse can end up staying at a detention center and wait there to get deported while the citizen spouse facing severe charges.

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